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    Pilot Vacuum Spray Dryer YC-3100

    Model No: YC-3100

    HSN No: 841939

    UNIQUE ID: 495727

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    Brand Name: PILOTECH

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    The Vacuum Spray Dryer YC-3100 is the result of 20 years continuous development, is your choice for the quick and gentle drying to powder of heat-sensitive material. The impressive features of the Spray Dryer include its efficient performance with very short set-up times, an effective integrated nozzle cleaning mechanism and a high degree of flexibility thanks to the different cylinder geometries.The system was conducted by a colorful crystal screen of touch guidance mode.

    Why need vacuum spray dryer?
    The rapid drying of heat-sensitive material has been troubling plenty of researchers. Common vacuum drying and spray drying cause great damage to biological activity or structure of material. Freeze drying has disadvantages such as long drying time and low energy efficiency. Moreover, the material after freeze drying is lumpy and needs to be What can vacuum spray dryer do? smashed a second time. 

    Parameter Pilotech YC-3100 vacuum spray dryer
    Power 20KW
    Voltage 380V; three-phase five-wire; 50-60 Hz
    Capacity 6000-10000ml/h for water
    Compressed air 128L/min
    Heater power 18000W
    Min. inlet temperature 70⁰C
    Min. outlet temperature 50⁰C
    Temperature precision ±2⁰C
    Possible particle size range 1-120µm
    Nozzle type Two fluid nozzle
    Nozzle jet 3mm standard
    Max. Sample feed 10000ml/hr
    Min. sample volume 200ml
    Seal of cyclone/cylinder Silicone
    Spray chamber material SUS-304 Stainless steel
    Body material SUS-304 Stainless steel
    Cyclone separator material SUS-304 Stainless steel
    Atomizer material SUS-316 Stainless steel
    Deblocking Automatic
    Display 8-Inch LCD display for Heat, Spray, Pump, Air pressure, de-blocker frequency
    Thermal protection Blower does not stop until temp < 90⁰C

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