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    No, you cannot. Supplying requires a business entity to be registered as per the rules framed by the Govt. of India or if you are from any other country, rules of your native Government apply

    No, Marketsaltz does not have such policy to display business brands for chemicals. However, lab equipment / equipment brands are allowed to display.

    You need to have ready stock in your warehouse. Sale Proceeds / Once the customer makes the payment, within 24 hours, Marketsaltz’s logistics team will come to your place to pick the shipment

    It is the supplier who is responsible to pack the product for shipment as per the packing standards.

    It is the supplier who is responsible for any damage. Please be aware that packing has to be as per the packing standards and it is mandatory to adhere to the standards. For more information,

    Marketsaltz is an e-commerce enabler platform and its unique approach to solve the supply chain issues helps the customers to conduct the trade without any hassle. If any enquiry generates on

    Yes. Customer can ask for a different weight and you can upload the new weight details for that product

    You cannot supply the below: (1) Chemicals listed by the International Narcotic Control Board (INCB). (2) Chemicals that need narcotic manufacturing or trading license. (3) Any other chemi

    Yes. Once you pack the chemical / equipment as per Indian Packaging Standards, Marketsaltz’s logistics team will pick up the package from your warehouse.

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    You can list multiple, readily available products on Marketsaltz. The Marketsaltz platform provides an easy user friendly interface to make your task easy. After logging in, click on My Dashb

    Whenever, you want to change email us the price details to support@marketsaltz.com and we will make the changes on behalf of your business

    Once an order is received, changes in pricing are not allowed for the ordered chemicals/equipment. However, if you want to change the price for future transactions, email us the desired chang

    There is no limit to the number of chemicals / equipments you can supply on Marketsaltz.

    The logistics team will visit the warehouse within 24 hours from the time you receive the order confirmation to pick up the shipment.

    When you miss fulfilling the order for the first time, the Marketsaltz team will call you to understand your reason for non-fulfillment and asks for an explanation in written. When you miss i

    Inform Marketsaltz via support@marketsaltz.com proactively about the situation so that they can further communicate with the customer either to seek more time or arrange alternative purchase.

    Marketsaltz mandates the supplying of only readily available stock. Also, you should continuously update the inventory in Marketsaltz. This will help you sail through situations when the stoc

    Customer can refuse the product only based on 2 conflicting reasons. If the purity and/or quantity of the product received is different from the purity mentioned in the product details and C

    You will receive: (1) Sale value (service charges will be deducted at the time of calculating the sale value). (2) GST / Country Specific Tax collected on the sale. You will have to remit G

    Yes, you can visit Advertise With Us page by clicking here. You can find the suitable plan according to your requirement. If your requirement is different from the given plan please contact u

    (1) Supplying and souring chemicals banned by NADP. (2) Writing abusive comments in product reviews. (3) Providing false test results of chemicals when uploading the details of the chemical

    Once you register and upload your list of products, Marketsaltz will come to know about your location. However, Marketsaltz team will get in touch with you in case if the area is not under se

    Write to us at support@marketsaltz.com

    Write to your support team at support@marketsaltz.com

    All disputes arising out of the transactions of Marketsaltz.com are subject to the laws of Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


    You will receive the cost of the chemical / equipment after deducting the Service charge.

    Marketsaltz assures the settlement of the purchase of your product.

    To know about the packing standards for India Please visit https://www.iip-in.com/

    Yes. Logistics person can refuse primarily because of two reasons: (1) Lack of proper documentation. (2) Improper packaging.

    You own the product and hence you and your business will decide the price and marketsaltz in no way concerned about your pricing.

    No. marketsaltz is a negotiation free platform and hence, the price which is displayed by you is the final price.

    No. As a supplier you do not have to pay for the shipping.

    Service charge is the fee collected by Marketsaltz for providing the platform for conducting business. This is levied on each transaction that occurs on the platform.

    Yes. You need to pay service charges against your product sale soon after a transaction takes place.

    No. Once you approve an order from the customer, you cannot change the price or quality or any other parameters of the product order placed.

    Yes. You will receive order confirmation as soon as the customer makes the payment towards the product. Order confirmation will have the information of the customer’s billing details and also

    Yes. You will receive Sales Invoice from Marketsaltz mentioning the service charges levied against the product purchased by the customer.

    Yes. Once you are registered on Marketsaltz, Marketsaltz will provide you with the dashboard to see all the data regarding your orders.

    Yes. By using the dashboard, you can update the quantity mentioned in Marketsaltz for your products.

    Using the dashboard, you can update the product's quantity to zero so that the customer will not attempt to purchase. Alternatively, if the customer has placed the order, you can reject the o

    For all bulk orders, Marketsaltz gives a lead time of 72 hours to keep the shipment ready. But in case if there is further delay, then you should immediately get in touch with Marketsaltz at

    As soon as your registration process is completed, Marketsaltz will email the merchant agreement document. You will have to add the information as required in the document.

    You can do, as long you own the product or authorized to supply the patented product in India. However, please be aware that Marketsaltz does not take the responsibility of checking the paten