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    Shipping Policy

    Shipping Responsibilities

    Marketsaltz website is associated with the third party logistics/courier services partner to deliver the products ordered online.
    The Website does not offer delivery options for its products (‘Products’) and only provides necessary backend infrastructure, like email support, order management system, etc., for capturing the order details placed on the listed products of the sellers. There is no option for Cash on Delivery for chemical products and you will pay the entire money which includes the cost of the chemical product, Website Services Charges, Applicable Taxes and Delivery charges. Depending on the weight of the product and its packaging, Logistics/Courier/Delivery charges will be automatically calculated. The weight of the product shall include the weight of the packaging of the product as well.
    Note: Cash on Delivery is not available on Chemicals, Cash on Delivery option is available for some of the Equipments / Instrument products wherever the manufacturer / dealer is ready to supply on this condition.
    Orders placed by Buyers/Users will be intimated via an email notification (provided during registration) to the Business Members for packaging and dispatch of product to the end Buyers.
    1. On receipt of the Order, the seller will make the products ready for dispatch along with corresponding packing slip in favor of buyer within 6 hours.
    1. Seller will provide the Invoice to the Buyer by placing it inside the package.
    1. In case of delay, the seller shall inform Marketsaltz, along with the expected time of dispatch (not more than 72 hours), so that the Buyer may be appropriately informed.
    1. In case Business (Seller) fails to make the product ready for dispatch within the period as stipulated period of 72 hours, Marketsaltz has the right to cancel the order without any further delay.
    1. The Seller shall arrange package and dispatch the product strictly as per the Chemical Industry standards and IATA.
    1. Once the purchased product is received and confirmed by the buyer with respect to the quality, measurement and other parameters in the product description, Marketsaltz shall release the applicable payment within 2 working days from confirmation receipt.
    International Shipping
    For Chemical products, It is strictly mandated that the packaging has to be adhered to the packaging standards of the respective countries to which the Products shall be shipped. All international shipments might have additional variable costs. This will be informed by the logistics team and Buyers shall cooperate and coordinate with the Logistics team for safe delivery of shipment.

    If the seller cannot meet shipping and packaging standards, then Marketsaltz will assist the Seller for packaging as per the standards and an additional charge will be levied for this service that will be informed by Marketsaltz to the seller at the time of the packaging process. The fees will be deducted while crediting the product money into the seller’s account. For more information on the packaging standards, please visit the below links which are applicable to your respective countries.

    • http://www.iip-in.com
    • http://www.asianpackaging.org/
    • http://www.worldpackaging.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1#&panel1-4
    • https://www.iopp.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageID=1
    • http://aipack.com.au/
    • http://www.iom3.org/
    • http://www.ipsa.org.za/
    • http://www.jpi.or.jp/english/

    The seller shall be responsible for providing all the documentation required to export the product. The Seller shall coordinate with the logistics team for all the required documentation to export the product and for the smooth transfer of ownership to the Buyer.

    Marketsaltz will be responsible for the door to door delivery of the product subject to all the necessary paper work provided by the Seller.
    Shipment delivery estimates
    Standard delivery orders are typically delivered within 3 to 4 business days from the date of confirmation of the order by the Website. If We are experiencing a high volume of orders, or if Your order contains custom products, your order may take longer to be delivered. If Your order is expected to be delayed, one of our logistics and operations executives shall get in touch with You within 24 hours from the date of confirmation of the order, to provide an accurate timeline for delivery of Your order.
    Shipment Confirmation and Order Tracking
    You will receive an email communication with a shipment confirmation once Your order has shipped. You will receive a ‘Tracking Number’ in the said email, and instructions regarding how to track Your order.
    Return upon Delivery

    The order is designated as ‘Complete’ once it is delivered to the delivery address of the Member. In the event that a User desires return of an order, the User may submit a return request to the delivery executive and return the product, subject to fulfillment of condition(s) mentioned in the Returns, Refund and Cancellation Policy, and subject to approval by the marketsaltz Website.