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    Extrusion Spheronizer YC-910

    Model No: YC-910

    HSN No: 841939

    UNIQUE ID: 992447

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    Brand Name: PILOTECH

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    Three machines in one design, the same machine can realize the three basic functions of extrusion, spheronization, drying and coating. The temperature control is precise and the atomization pressure and flow rate of the compressed air can be adjusted freely. Equipped with a constant flow pump, the spray flow rate can be adjusted arbitrarily, so that the best granulation and coating effects can be obtained for medicine granules of Characteristic different sizes. 

    YC-910 mini extrusion spheronizer is a kind of spheronizer which is suitable for laboratory-scale condition and smallvolume samples with a throughput of 1- 3kg/h. Mini-extrusion spheronizer can also be equipped with a small-size sifter, to achieve a wider processing range and satisfy the needs of experimental and scientific research. YC-910 mini extrusion spheronizer can fabricate blank pellets and pellets with fillings, which is regarded as the ideal equipment for pellet experimental study in the areas of pharmaceutical, food and other industries. All the data and function are controlled by PLC, It also has English interface.

    Technical Parameters
    1. The system is equipped with ice water device, which is suitable for heat-sensitive materials to extrude pellets efficiently and does not affect the activity of the materials.

    2. Capacity: 1-3kg/h.

    3. Extrusion barrel diameter: 50mm, extrusion speed: 5-50 rpm/min, extrusion speed 50RPM.

    4. Screen diameter: 0.7/1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0mm (Optional), rolling disc diameter: 250mm, rolling speed: 200-1400 RPM.

    5. The diameter of the coating pot and rolling cylinder is 250 mm*500, the diameter of the high-particle pellets is 0.8-3mm, and the coating filter is made of 100 mesh stainless steel screen.

    6. Turntable diameter: 250mm.

    7. Pellets making output: 1-3kg/h, coating: 300g-1800g/batch, coating heating power: 2kw, coating air volume: 1.5m³/min frequency conversion adjustment.

    8. Power: 6KW; 380V; three-phase five-wire, Dimension: 1150*700*1350mm.

    9. Coating air volume: 2.4m³/min, frequency conversion adjustment, compressed air: 0.3m³/h.

    10. The equipment has integrated design, high degree of automation and is easy to operate, Built-incoating function.

    11. LCD color touch screen, Chinese and English interface

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