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    Saltz Turmeric (Haldi) Powder, 200g

    CAS NO: 333

    UNIQUE ID: 763710

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    Purity: 100%

    Weight: 200gr

    Rs73.50 /200gr
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    Country of Origin :

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    • Country of Origin: India

    • HIGH IN CURCUMIN: Saltz Turmeric Powder has a distinct colour, flavour and is high in curcumin content.

    • SOURCED FROM BEST FARMS: Sourced from the luscious farms of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

    • HIGH IN QUALITY: The Saltz Spices are ground to perfection with no fillers.

    • PACKED HYGIENICALLY: Saltz Spices are packed hygienically ensuring minimal human contact.

    • STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS : Keep in a cool, dry place, and once the golden pouch is opened, reseal to ensure the flavour is intact.

    • ALSO TRY : Saltz Red Chilli / Lal Mirchi Powder, Saltz Coriander / Dhaniya Powder
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